Report Player

Report players that has not followed the FoCoTDM rules, both IG and forum wise.

Moderator: FTDM Trial Admins

Forum rules
1) Only serious reports on people that has violated the server rules goes in here. Don't waste the admins time.
2) Evidence is ALWAYS required. We will not take action based of people's word. Eg. of evidence: Screenshots, videos etc.
3) Don't post the screenshots in galleries. If you have a lot of screenshots, create a spoiler and put the whole screenshots in there.
4) No posting in threads that do not involve you unless you have evidence/information that will aid the admin in dealing with the report. Violating this rule will get you either a warning or a ban from the forums.
5) No flaming/insulting.
6) No bumping threads.
8) Keep everything short and simple.
9) Admin reports goes to the Head of Admins /directly/, not in here. Read this link for more information:
10) Follow the format given or your thread will simply be locked!
Title: Reported party name [What he did]

Code: Select all

[b]Your name:[/b]
[b]Name(s) of the reported player(s):[/b]
[b]Date and time:[/b]
[b]What he/she did:[/b]
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