Refund Requests

If you lost something due to a bug in the system, or it was simply out of your control, this is where you can request a refund of it.
Forum rules
1) You need SOLID proof - Eg. Screenshots, videos, logs, confirmation from an admin etc.
2) We do not refund items/money based off a user error.
3) Only people posting with valid evidence/information to aid the refund request are allowed to post in here. Useless posts will get you a warning and in some cases a temp. ban on the forums.
4: Follow the format! If you do not follow the format given, your refund request will simply be locked.
Title: [Asset] IG Name

Code: Select all

[b]Date and time of the incident:[/b]
[b]What happend:[/b]
[b]What do you need refunded:[/b]
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