FoCoTDM Rules

Information about the server can be found in here.
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FoCoTDM Rules

Postby Pedrowy » Wed Nov 18, 2015 1:25 pm

FoCoTDM Rules
Last updated: 11/05/2015

1. General In-Game Rules:
  • 1.1) No using programs or modifications that may give you an advantage over other players, intentionally or not (Eg. Hacks, CLEO's etc)
  • 1.2) No bug abusing in any way (Eg. c-bugging, canceling animations with the crouch button, c-rolling, crouch-abuse*, turbo knifing/knife bugging, abusing interiours, /afk system etc). If it is a script bug, report it on the forums.
  • 1.3) No using custom map objects/additions, you will appear to be hacking and possibly banned.
  • 1.4) No using of modded ped.ifp's or similar modifications, regardless of them giving you an advantage or not.
  • 1.5) No healing inside the ammunition(s) during combat. Nor is it allowed to use the ammunitions as a way to evade your enemies.
  • 1.6) Boosting of any sort is a ban-able offence.
  • 1.7) Team-killing or damaging your team (or his/her car) is not allowed.
  • 1.8) No spawn-killing/camping. You can kill someone that runs back to his spawn, but you can't kill other players that recently spawned (self-defense is not allowed). This also applies for camping someones spawn - either inside the actual spawn, or right outside. They need a chance to leave the spawn properly.
  • 1.9) Do not tab, or quit, to avoid death.
  • 1.10) Do not tab/go AFK in a populated area, such as Idlewood and events. Please make use of the /afk system.
  • 1.11) Do not have auto-aim/joypad enabled via settings in-game on GTA.
  • 1.12) Do not suicide to avoid getting killed (Eg. jumping off roofs, sitting inside the car until it explodes etc)
  • 1.13) Do not team up with other players that are in another team/clan. If you wish to DM with them, simply switch team.
  • 1.14) Do not team-kill, nor provoke your own team-members (Eg. jacking their cars etc)
  • 1.15) Do not use /class or /heal during combat. (Eg: If you're chased into your spawn after death-matching with someone, you're not allowed to re-heal)
  • 1.16) The use of VPN or Proxy to connect to the server or the forum is not allowed.
  • 1.17) If banned on any FoCo server, you may be banned on FoCoTDM as well if the Lead Administration sees it fit (Eg. hacking, bug abusing etc)
  • 1.18) Cars are meant for driving or cover, you're not allowed to spawn your car to block off pathways.
  • 1.19) Do not team in FFA-Events. *NEW*

2. General behaviour, attitude and language:
  • 2.1) Keep the profane language to a very minimum.
  • 2.2) No insulting other players in any way (This includes provoking!) If they say stop, you stop.
  • 2.3) No racism, discrimination of ANY sort allowed (Eg. homophobia, sectarianism etc)
  • 2.4) English only in main-chat & team-chat. Make use of the /pm function to talk in other languages.
  • 2.5) Do not comment on bans/kicks/jails publicly, make use of the appropriate forum's for that.
  • 2.6) Do not fully capitalize sentences.
  • 2.7) Do not abuse, or spam /report or /helpme. This also applies to main-chat, team-chat and PM's.
  • 2.8) No advertising of products or other gaming servers/communities. This also applies if it is not intentional. Simply do not talk about other than FoCo related servers.
  • 2.9) Keep a calm and mature approach to problems and general gameplay.
  • 2.10) Do not evade administrator punishment/instructions. This includes creating new accounts IG (and on the forums) to evade admin jails and so on.
  • 2.11) Always follow an administrators instructions, regardless of whether what they are asking you (not) to do is in the rule list or not. If you feel like the instructions given to you by an admin was wrongfully, report the instructions to the Head of Staff/Admins.
  • 2.12) Grotesque comments/slurs are prohibited, and strictly frowned upon.
  • 2.13) So called RMT (real-money trades) are strictly forbidden and will result in a permanent ban.
  • 2.14) All in game items are property of FoCo ltd.

3. General Forum Rules:
  • 3.1) No advertising of products or other gaming servers/communities.
  • 3.2) No racism, discrimination, insulting and provoking.
  • 3.3) No linking to copyright protected material or to sites known for violating copyrights.
  • 3.4) No nudity, pornography or any other form of possible sexual implication.
  • 3.5) No spamming, use the edit button.
  • 3.6) No bumping of old threads without a good reason.
  • 3.7) Only speak English in the English section of the forums.
  • 3.8) Do not use proxies.
  • 3.9) Don't go off topic.

*You can shoot and then crouch (for example to get behind cover) or come out of cover to shoot and return to cover by pressing c again. Though you have to wait at least 3 seconds between each crouch movement. That means you can press c and then shoot, but to stop crouching you'll have to wait 3 seconds. The consequence is that shoot-c, c-shoot and c-shoot-wait 3 seconds-c is allowed. This looks like the following on another routine: c-shoot-wait 3 seconds-c-wait 3 seconds-c. During the 3 second time period you can move and shoot, but you're not allowed to get out of the crouching anim in any way. Click here to watch the video on this rule.

Questions about rules or anything at all may be forwarded to any member of the FoCoTDM staff team and they will happily respond to your question.

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Re: FoCoTDM Rules

Postby RakGuy » Mon Sep 18, 2017 1:06 pm

Added "Do not team in FFA-Events / DM-Zones"

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Re: FoCoTDM Rules

Postby RakGuy » Sun Sep 24, 2017 4:09 pm

Edited a Rule.
1.19) Do not team in FFA-Events.

DM-Zones has been changed to TDM-Zones[w/ TeamKilling Punishment]

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